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Newsletter 2013 number 3
Dear Customer,
We are proud to present our third newsletter! This newsletter will keep you updated about our newest products and latest projects.
In this edition:
o The acquisition of HN motors
o Our new website
o China
o 3D-printing service
The acquisition of HN motors

Last month DeVi-Comfort BV has acquired the German company HN motors. The acquisition of the German company paves the way for further growth of DeVi-Comfort BV.
It’s good for our German customers to know that DeVi-Comfort BV takes great pride in our high level of support and delivery. With almost every item in stock we are able to deliver your order within 3 business days with our partner UPS.

The acquisition of HN motors fits into the development process we have been working on for some time. Our customers can’t miss this development.
Looking for a second-hand E-bike wheel? We are selling them now. We got the second-hand E-bike wheels from HN Motors. All the wheels are in a good condition. Some E-bike wheels may have some scratches or a buckled rim but we have tested all the wheels and they are all working.
So buy them now before they run out! Visit for all the used products.
Our new website
The layout is entirely new with new photos and a fresh new look. You can read all the details about the projects that we have been working on like Wireless Mobile Communicators, the Swing-trike, the Tube bending machine and much more.
You can follow all our upcoming events and news on our new website. Of course you can find all our products for a E-bike and more in our renewed webshop.
So visit our new website now!
Last summer we have visited several factories in China. We are, as you probably know, the European headquarter of Golden Motor Technology. One of our tasks was to control the production and developments of Golden Motor. In this manner all products meet our requirements. We are involved in all developments of Golden Motor.
We have looked at the complete production process of all of the products that Golden Motor makes. We have helped to improve it where necessary. This way we can provide you with a high quality product. For example the spoke machine from Golden Motor. By using this machine all engines will be spoked in the right way. This saves a lot of time during the production process and this guarantees constant quality.
Golden Motor is currently working on a display for the Smart Pie and the Magic Pie 3. With this device you can read out the battery, vehicle speed, distance and much more. We will announce it through our newsletter once it's available.
Shenzhen Grepow battery
During our China trip we also closed a dealership with one of china’s largest battery factory Grepow. Grepow has high-tech production facilities which means great and constant quality for your batteries.
The batteries are shipped directly from the factory to our warehouse so this means better prices and more stock for our customers.
Speedict Technology
DeVi-Comfort has also become dealer of speedict . Speedict is an e-bike computer. With this device you can use your Android phone as display. You can view speed, distance, battery capacity and cycling routes by Bluetooth in real time. Visit for more information.
3D-printing service
At DeVi-Comfort you can have your own 3D model printed by one of our two elite dimension printers. Upload your stl-model and you will receive an offer within 2 working days and expected delivery time. Visit for more information.
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